Stay Looking & Feeling Good During Lockdown!

Making An Effort At Home During Lockdown – Top Tips & Advice From The Experts At Steven Scarr Hairdressing, Durham

It’s no secret that the way we look can have a massive impact on the way we feel – if we look good, we feel good and during this period of isolation, it’s more important than ever to ensure we keep ourselves feeling uplifted!

Here, the team at Steven Scarr hope to inspire you with a few top tips to ensure you continue to look fabulous while you can’t access the salon (even if it is just for yourself to see!).

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# 1 Style Your Hair For The Social Life You Want NOT For The Social Life You Have

If you normally go out at the weekend or were planning on attending a festival that’s now been cancelled, still style your hair as if you were going.  You and your mates can get together online and have a virtual knees up!

Remember to check out our blog section which is filled with lots of hair inspiration including festival, hair ideas, the latest colour trends & must have hair cuts.

# 2 Have a Shower Every Morning

Try and stick to a routine and have a shower every morning. This will help to keep you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day!

Recent studies say that women tend to feel more empowered and confident when they have their make up on, so, why not take the opportunity to get creative & try out a different look? There are loads of how to make up guides on YouTube and Instagram.  

# 3 Hashtag Show Us Your Roots!

Help show your stylist you’re rooting for them by stepping away from the box dye. The hair colour experts at Steven Scarr say: “Please, please, please wait for us to colour your hair, it is not as simple as you may think!  If your sparkles are shining through or you are desperate to touch up your roots try a root concealer or move your parting”.

Chances are you have invested a lot of time and money to achieve your perfect hair colour – don’t ruin it now!  

# 4 Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is great for keeping you hydrated and boosting your health. Not only does it flush out toxins, helping to clear your skin and give you more energy, but it is also super important for hydrating your hair too. 

Try and aim for at least 8 glasses of water a day for beautifully moisturised skin and soft, shiny hair.

 #5 Enjoy Some “Me Time” 

If your manicured nails are looking a bit tired and neglected then use it as an excuse to enjoy a little bit of pampering.

Keep your nails looking tip-top by soaking them in warm water first to soften the cuticles and then file them into shape before applying your favourite shade – a quick & simple way to keep yourself looking super smart.

Self Isolating? Book A Call With Steven Scarr Hair Salon, Durham

In these uncertain times, it is important we take care of ourselves and one another. To chat with a member of our team for advice & guidance on how to best look after your hair at home please call, 0191 377 1830.