Top Trending Women’s Hair Styles & Colours

Which Women’s Hairstyles & Colours Are Trending in the UK?  Top Hair Trends from Steven Scarr Hairdressing, Durham


Dozens of hairdressing salons across the UK were asked during a recent poll*, which hairstyles or colours are proving most popular? As well as the more traditional blondes, red-heads and brunettes, the following trends shone through loud and clear, so if you want an on-trend hair cut or colour, you have come to the right place. Check out the images below from Steven Scarr Hairdressing in Durham and book your hair appointment by giving us a call on 0191 377 1830.

Top Trends for Hair Cuts & Styles – Steven Scarr Hairdressing, Durham

Bobs & Lobs (Long bobs)

Tousled Layered Hair Cuts 

Longer Fringes 

Glamorous Waves & Curls 

Big Bouncy Blow Dries 

Top Trending Hair Colours – Steven Scarr Hairdressing, Durham

Rose Gold Hair Colours

Platinum Blonde / Silver Grey Hair Colours

Balayage & Ombre

Rainbow Hair Colour / Pastel Colours for Hair

*Poll carried out by Salon Guru, hair & beauty website & online marketing experts, in January 2017.