Hair Colour Correction Services at Steven Scarr Hair Salon, Coxhoe, Durham

If you are experiencing a hair colour disaster we are confident our hairdressers in Durham can solve any hair colour problems you may have and work with you to achieve the hair colour result you require. At Steven Scarr, we have the expertise and experience to put your hair colour disaster back to its former glory.

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We really are the number 1 hair colour experts in Coxhoe, Durham which means we can get your hair back to beautiful again.

Book in for a colour correction consultation so we can assess the damage and come up with a plan for your hair. Do not worry - we've got you covered!

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Correcting Hair Colour Disasters

Correcting a home hair dye that has gone wrong can be a lengthy process, but don’t panic we will work with you to ensure the best course of action for your hair colour disaster. Our hair colour technicians deal with hair colour problems daily and will identify the areas that need correcting, there’s nothing we can not fix at Steven Scarr - your local Coxhoe hairdressers.

With so many variations of correcting hair colour, often our hair technician will strip your hair colour before new hair colour is applied as well as adding tone to other parts of your hair.

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Incorrect Hair Tones 

Whether your highlights have lost their vibrancy and need brightening up or your highlights have turned out too yellow, brassy or orange, we can fix it for you. Your home hair colour problem turned out either too dark, too bright or just simply unflattering.

Your hair needs professional care so come and talk to the experts at Steven Scarr Hair Salon, County Durham, we can easily fix your hair colour disaster back to perfection.

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Colour Corrections - What To Expect

If your hair colour has turned out too bright we can darken your hair colour with warmer shades of lowlights or if your hair is simply too dark we can lighten your hair colour by adding some highlights. We can assess your hair colour shade whatever the hair colour problem and one of our expert hair colour technicians can advise you on correcting your hair colour disaster!

We really have seen every hair colour issue under the sun and are renowned for our ability to repair hair colour disasters.


Repair Over-Processed Hair 

If your hair has become too dry and brittle from over processing or your blonde hair is tinged with green, we aim to repair bleach damaged hair restoring some of the moisture that has been removed to help you get your gorgeous locks back into shape.

Changing the colour of your hair is not as straight forward as simply applying a new shade over the top, so if you have a hair colour disaster you need to give us a call and speak to the expert hair colour technicians, we have the experience and techniques to colour your hair back to perfection!

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