Hair Colour – Coxhoe, Durham

If your hair is looking dull, and you feel like a change, then salon hair colour could just be what you need. It’s amazing what a little bit of colour can do for your confidence and image.

At Steven Scarr Hairdressing salon in Coxhoe, Durham, we boast the highest levels of technical colour expertise, creativity and personal hair consultants – including our very own in-house Wella Colour Master.

In-House Wella Professionals Colour Master

Created by Wella Professionals, the ‘Master Colour Expert’ accreditation acknowledges the industry’s most skilled hair colourists, and is the highest accolade for a professional colourist recognising the most talented in the industry.

With only 200 salons in the U.K holding this level of creative and technical skill, you can be be sure that your Steven Scarr Hairdressing stylist will use only the latest and most advanced colour treatments and techniques available.


Our Hairdressing Salon in Durham offers a full range of colouring services; whether you would like to add some colour variation and depth with highlights , fix an existing colour with hair colour correction or even freshen up with a new hair colour.

As Wella stockists, we are experts in hair colour application and are proud to offer our valued clients some of the most respected, well researched and innovative hair colour sub brands of Wella, including the fantasic Koleston Perfect Innosense range.

At Steven Scarr, we know that hair colour is a personal process, that’s unique to the individual. We will work with you, to create a tailor made service to ensure that the results leave you feeling and looking fabulous!

Full Colour Change & Regrowth / Roots

Kadus-Blonde-Beauty-4-WebConsidering a change of appearance? A new salon hair colour could be the answer. Even the most gentlest of hair colours can make a big difference to how you look and feel.

The right hair colour can refresh your complexion and put a spring in your step.

Our hair colour consultation will give you a chance to meet your hair colour expert, and an in-depth insight into how your hair will be changing, and also any hair colour after care that you may need to make sure you look after and maintain your hair colour for as long as possible.

Hair colour change: our hair colour experts will start from the root applying permanent hair colour on small sections of the hair to ensure extensive coverage is achieved.

Regrowth / Roots : add renewed colour depth and shine to your roots where hair colour fades quicker.

Foil highlights and lowlights – the best technique for varied tone

Foils : (hi-lites / highlights) are placed in your hair colour one at a time to give an individual finish. The individual foils are vary in tones, shades and colours so there’s a foil just for you.

Full foils: can be woven or sliced and create an all over highlighted effect in the hair. They can be natural or as crazy as your imagination.Kadus-Red-Beauty-3-Web

Partial foils : They’re very versatile and can be sliced, woven or placed in sections of hair colour wherever you desire. They refer to anything less than a full head of foils and generally mean they’re placed on the part-line, front hairline and the crown.

Sparkle foils : They’re wonderful for brightening up your existing colour and giving you a refreshed look. With up to 8 foils placed in various areas of the hair, they’re ideal if you would like to experience having hair colour or as an accent in an area of your hair for example, a fringe.

Framing: foils are placed around the face for a brightening effect or for dramatic effect to emphasise a hair cut.

Lowlights: lowlights offer variation. Similar to highlights however lowlights remove hair colour to add depth and tone to washed out ends or simply adding darker strands.

Colour correction – hair colour problems

KP-Innosense-Beauty-1-WebWe’re confident that our hair colour experts can solve any hair errors that you may have and work with you to achieve the results that you desire.

Correcting hair colour disasters: correcting hair colour can be a lengthy and complex process however we will work with you to ensure you know what’s going on every step of the way. With many variations of how to correct hair colour, often, our hair technician will strip your hair colour before new hair colour can be applied as well as adding tone to other parts.

Fixing imbalances or shade problems: we fix these issues daily. whether your hi-lites have lost their vibrancy and need more colour injecting back into them or perhaps dark bands from over applied tint need removing; there’s nothing we can’t fix.

For more on hair colour correction in Durham, take a look at our hair colour correction at Steven Scarr Hair Salon.


Whether you want a confidence boost, a new image or just a subtle hair colour change -our hair colour team is constantly growing and learning and we believe that with our range of expertise we can offer you quality results. We want you to work with us to help us create your vision, choosing hair colours that you’ll love and cherish.