Graduation and Prom Hairstyles


Graduation and Prom Hair Ideas and Tips from Steven Scarr Hairdressing, Coxhoe.

Your years at school, college and university are important and so should be your prom and graduation as it’s the last chance to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in. Although many people think planning your outfit and hairstyle for proms and graduations is stressful – the stylists at our Hairdressing Salon in Durham know it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve put together the perfect prom and graduation hairstyles to give you a little help picking the best look for you. 

Graduation and Prom Braids and Plaits from Steven Scarr, Coxhoe.

A lovely hairstyle for proms and graduations are braids and plaits. Always a popular look –  braids and plaits add an extra bit of glamour to all hairstyles including upstyles, straight and curly hair. We love braided and plaited hairstyles for graduations and proms at Steven Scarr as they look gorgeous in all hair colours. The key to braids and plaits is to go with more detail the more sophisticated you want your prom and graduation hairstyle to look.  Fishtail braids are perfect for proms and graduations!

Graduation and Prom Curly Hair Styles from Steven Scarr, Coxhoe.

A gorgeous look for graduations, balls and proms are curled hairstyles. At Steven Scarr we love curls for proms and graduations because they are easy to achieve at home and there are so many options. From tight spiral curls made using a curling wand, big bouncy curls created with rollers, or waves made by hair straighteners – all types are perfect for proms and graduations. Whichever look you’re after the stylists at Steven Scarr Hairdressing can help you create a ideal hairstyle for graduations and proms.

Graduation and Prom Up-styles from Steven Scarr, Coxhoe.

A very popular hairstyle for proms and graduations are up-dos. With lots to choose from, upstyled hair is elegant and sophisticated – a classic for a prom or graduation.

Upstyled hair is brilliant because it looks gorgeous with all hair colours and will complement all prom and graduation outfits. Hair stylists at Steven Scarr love creating prom and graduation upstyles as they can be as creative as they want to make beautiful hairstyles for their clients. Here are some of our favourite looks…

Graduation and Prom Blow Dried Hair Ideas from Steven Scarr, Coxhoe.

Our last example of a gorgeous hairstyle for proms and graduations is the blow dry.

No matter what outfit you have picked for your prom or graduation, blow dried hair is sure to compliment your look and make your feel amazing. A hairstyle that can be achieved in the comfort of your own home, at Steven Scarr we think you should leave the work to the experts and go for a big bouncy curly blow dry for your prom or graduation.

Simple but sophisticated blow-dried hair will give you that just-stepped-out-onto-the-red-carpet effect and is a hairstyle perfect for weddings, graduations, balls and proms.

If you dream of long hair for your Graduation or Prom we offer a range of hair extension services in Durham, take a look at our hair extensions at Steven Scarr Hairdressing.

Graduation and Prom Hair at Steven Scarr, Coxhoe.

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