Ombre Hair Colour

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Ombre & Dip Dye – Hair Colour Trends

The Ombre hair colour trend is like a dream come true for those fashionistas desperate to keep on top of the style trends who don’t have the time for a high maintenance hair colour. The Ombre or ‘dip-dyed’ hair trend is basically hair colour that either looks ‘grown out’ or contrasting colours at the ends of the hair compared to the roots. Speak to one of our friendly team at our hairdressers in Durham for advice on the Ombre hair colour trend.

The Ombre hair or dip dyed hair colour trend has been a strong contender on the fashion and style map for the last couple of years and shows no sign of going away any time soon. It seems that every single A-lister in Hollywood has sported an Ombre hair colour at some point since 2010 and whilst not all starlets have kept to their two tone, locks many have adapted the style to incorporate colour and inject a bit of youthful vibrancy and fun into their hair style.

Natural Ombre Hair Colours

Original Ombre hair colours, first spotted on the likes of Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel were typically darker roots to lighter sunkissed blonde ends. From striking colour block contrast like Drew to Bayalage Ombre colour like Sarah Jessica Parker, the essence of the style was the same – to gradually fade the colour from root to tip. Not all Ombre hair has to be dip dyed. If you’re not sure whether this is the style for you permanently, then why not add contrasting coloured hair extensions to your hair to give the appearance of the Ombre hair trend? A temporary but effective measure!

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Upside-Down ‘Reverse’ Ombre Hair Colours

Once the Ombre hair trend had spread through Hollywood, celebrities were looking for another way to grab the attention and the headlines with their Ombre hair colour and so a shift towards reverse Ombre hair colours appeared. This is when Ombre hair colour instead of being blended dark to light was kept light at the roots and gradually darkened to reveal contrasting ends.

Rainbow Ombre Hair Colours

Fast forward to 2012 and the Ombre hair trend was once again adapted. The Ombre hair trend evolved somewhat and got younger, funkier and more fun thanks to the addition of colour. Pink hues, purples, pastels and even a multicoloured spectrum of dip dyes entered onto the celebrity and fashion scene changing the Ombre hair trend once more.

Ombre Hair at Steven Scarr

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