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Expecting a baby, Congratulations! You’ve had the same hairstyle for a decade and now you feel like your hair belongs on someone else’s head. Pregnancy has a definite effect on your hair and it is not always the effect you were hoping for! Firstly your hair grows faster than ever, so you may need to visit your hairdresser more frequently for a while. You may be suffering on the inside with forever changing hormones, morning sickness and perhaps even swollen ankles so you may need a trip to our Hairdressing Salon in Durham to get you the pregnancy glow to make you feel and look radiant again!

Can I colour my hair when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Dyeing your hair during pregnancy and breastfeeding is considered generally safe. The chemicals in permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic. Click here to read the official guidelines for colouring your hair when pregnant from the NHS

Colouring your hair when pregnant can make you feel gorgeous and radiant as feeling great about your hair can be a real buzz. You may decide to have a few highlights or lowlights instead of a full head of colour during your pregnancy, these techniques are less likely to contact your scalp. Speak to your hairdresser at Steven Scarr Hairdressing and they will offer professional advice on your hair care during pregnancy

Hair problems during Pregnancy

During your pregnancy you may notice a change in your hair texture or moisture levels, it may become greasy, dry or even brittle, it may be worth speaking to your hairdresser at Steven Scarr Hairdressing who will be able to offer advice on using the shampoo and conditioner you may need during your pregnancy, specific to your hair type. Some women notice their hair gets much thicker, this is due to the levels of oestrogen which are much higher prolonging the growth, your locks are growing faster than ever, your hair is thicker, healthier and looking wonderful!

Pregnancy Hairstyles

You may feel that whilst you are pregnant it is a time for change of hairstyle? Perhaps you could make life easier by going for a shorter hairstyle. Just remember with fluctuating hormones you may want to think twice about any drastic change of hairstyle during your pregnancy. Speak to your hairstylist and take the weight off your feet for a while before you decide. You can change the way you wear your hair whilst you are pregnant, here at Steven Scarr Hairdressing we can advise you on different ways of putting your hair up and still look great.

For more on hairstyle services in Durham, take a look at our haircuts and hairstyles at Steven Scarr Hairdressing for inspiration on that great new pregnancy hairstyle.

Hairstyles for New Mums

Your baby has arrived and you have little time, your hair is the last thing on your mind. Don’t panic as being a new Mum comes with lots of challenges, most Mum’s that you will speak to have gone through the baby stage and they will tell you that making and having time for yourself to maintain a basic hair regime can make all the difference to you and your self esteem.

Hairstyles for new Mums need to be quick and easy to maintain, giving you the time to get on with the busy day ahead with your new baby. You can go for low maintenance hairstyles which are great for new busy Mums. If you have long hair try your hair in a plait or a bun ring, or even put your hair up in a ponytail, you will have a professional style within seconds! If you fancy a short hairstyle for ease, speak to your hairstylist at Steven Scarr Hairdressing and they will be able to give you the options available to you for your face shape.

Keeping up with regular hair appointments allows you some time for yourself, boosting self confidence and making you feel and look great! Before you leave your next appointment at Steven Scarr Hairdressing, remember to rebook your next appointment to continue with the good hairstyle you deserve!

Pregnancy Hair at Steven Scarr Hairdressing, Coxhoe, County Durham

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