Summer Proof Your Hair!

Top Haircare Tips for Summer – From Steven Scarr Hairdressing Salon in Durham

While the arrival of the summer season may bring sunshine, flip flops and BBQ’s it can play havoc with your hair! Thanks to the warm humid air we have to fight the frizz and the rays of the sun can cause the most healthy hair to become dry and dull.

Thankfully the hairstyling experts at Steven Scarr Hairdressing Salon in Durham share their top tips on how best to care for your hair and suggestions to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny this summer.

How to Protect Your Hair From Chlorine – Advice From Steven Scarr Hair Salon in Coxhoe

summer hair at steven scarr hair salon CoxhoeIf you plan a summer of swimming in pools and the sea it is important to protect your hair by wearing a swimming cap to prevent it from feeling brittle and dry.

To minimise the effects of chlorine damage to your hair invest in some protective haircare products that remove build up and help to restore moisture.


Tips To Stop Your Hair Colour From Fading This Summer

summer hair at Steven Scarr hair salon in Coxhoe, DurhamIf you find that during the sunnier months your hair colour fades quicker then this year ensure you protect it with suitable hair products.

Choose heat protection sprays containing UV protection that will help to keep your hair colour brighter for longer.

Ask your Steven Scarr hairstylist to advise you on the best products for your hair type and texture. Plus, to be extra safe, remember to wear a hat on a hot summer’s day – protective and stylish!

Steven Scarr Hairdressing Salon Explain How to Fight The Frizz

smooth hair at Steven Scarr hair salon in Coxhoe, DurhamDo you struggle to style your frizzy unmanageable hair during the warmer months? Frizzy hair is one of the biggest hair problems we hear about from clients at Steven Scarr however it can be tame! 

Frizz is caused by a lack of moisture in the hair so we will suggest suitable products such as oils and serums that will help to lock in  moisture and nourish your hair into smooth manageable locks.

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