2015 Hair Trends for Men



At our hairdressing salon in Durham take inspiration from the hairstyles that designers and stylists predict we will be wearing this year. Changing your hairstyle can make all the difference to your overall appearance, take inspiration from Steven Scarr, how are you going to wear your hair in 2015?

If changing your hairstyle is on your mind but uncertainty is holding you back – we have unlimited ideas to help you choose the right hairstyle for you. New hair, new you Sir?


For a bang on hair trend this season take an unfussy approach to your hair, a slightly less precise, dishevelled cut can help breathe new life and a sense of character into your look. Keeping plenty of length through the top, while styling the hair forward onto the face, experiment texture to create a rebellious streak for a masculine yet sophisticated style. The key is to style your hair with your fingers using hair products, creating a relaxed look.


Some guys just like to keep their hair long and strong and longer lengths have become somewhat of a trend with the introduction of the bun style worn by many celebrities, so it’s no wonder men are looking for long length hairstyles. Long hair isn’t for everyone but on the right guy, styled in the right way, this look can look great! Keep your long hair looking good all of the time by getting it cut regularly, to avoid dryness and split ends. Aim for a relaxed style, laid back rather than overly styled for a natural look.


Following on from long hairstyles, brings in the option to wear your hair tied back, this style is a variation of the top knot. You can pretty much freestyle your top knot, the goal is to simply wear it on the top of your head. Brush your long hair back with your fingers into a ponytail or top knot, this style suits almost anyone and can work really well with a rugged man sporting a beard offering an interesting, sophisticated style.


For a more suave look wear a well groomed hairstyle keeping the sides and back shorter. For a classic style transform your hair in minutes using gel products adding sheen and shape, this style looks great worn with a modern suit for a City Slick look.

At our hairdressing salon in Durham we are aware of the latest gent’s haircuts and styles to create your new look and will advise you on a style to get you looking and feeling great! Give us a call on 0191 377 1830, or pop in to book your appointment you can find us on Church Street.