Meet Andrew…

Andrew is an experienced senior stylist with a particular passion for colouring hair. He is a colourist who pays attention to detail, whether he is creating dramatic and bold changes or slightly enhancing traditional styles. Twenty-six years of experience in the hairdressing sphere has moulded Andrew into a stylist with a deep understanding of his art, which is demonstrated on the salon floor as he tirelessly works to outwardly express his client’s identity.

Whilst a master of creating bright and vivid styles, Andrew is also an expert when it comes to creating and nurturing bright, luxurious blondes. Techniques such as balayage, baby lights and highlights are his forte, achieving nothing short of stunning results. Andrew is equally comfortable with his cutting skills; from dramatic style changes to classic, modern cuts, his attention to detail is sharp.

He is passionate about the finishing touches (his specialty being a bouncy blowout) that make his clients not only look, but more importantly feel, like the best version of themselves.